Cost Estimating Software (Nomitech)

Nomitech or New Open Mind Technologies is a leading niche software company specializing in Cost Estimating solutions for project owners, government agencies, contractors, consultancies. Nomitech are headquartered in London, United Kingdom and operate through a global partner network covering more than 45 countries.

Nomitech are dedicated in providing high end products and keeping up with the advancements in cost engineering and software development. Nomitech has highly trained software engineers and experienced estimators. The main aim is to provide user friendly systems, with modern graphical interfaces that fulfill the clients’ needs regarding Cost Estimating.

Nomitech is in the Cost Estimating field since 2001. Nomitech has been involved in the cost estimating of some major PFI capital projects and have acquired real life estimating expertise. Nomitech people come from different backgrounds and do know the different ways people prepare their estimates throughout the world.


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