Geographical Information System (GIS)

AlRiham solutions span the entire geospatial (GIS) value chain from consulting and application development to spatial analysis and modeling to remote sensing and data conversion. We have been delivering targeted business solutions using the latest information technologies and geospatial capabilities. These solutions incorporate details derived from remote sensing, image processing, and spatial modeling, and utilize our vast project experience and highly qualified resource pool.

ALRIHAM assists clients in assessing their geographical data needs, data collection procedures, and hardware and software evaluation before implementing a strategy to ensure the effective integration of geospatial solutions. One of our key consulting strengths lies in identifying ways in which workflow can be optimized or automated to provide immediate productivity gains.


  • Geospatial Communication Operations Support System
  • Business Intelligence & Service Management
  • Web Based Asset Management / Enterprise Data Access & Work flow Automation
  • GIS based Facility Management Solutions
  • Mobile Geospatial Solutions
  • Solutions for eGovernance including Customer Service / Public Interface Portals
  • Spatial Visualization and Application Development
  • Utilities and Communications
  • Environments & Transportation GIS
  • Land Records & Land Information System (LIS)
  • Municipal & Urban Development Planning
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Cross Platform data migration
  • GIS database Creation
  • Database Modeling / Data Migration
  • Thematic Mapping-Subsoil, Land use, Zoning
  • GIS Data Maintenance
  • GIS Analysis & Document Management
  • Map Chart Finalizing & Publishing
  • Ground Surveying
  • Aerial Photography (Digital and Analogue)
  • Aerial and Satellite triangulation and block adjustment
  • Base Map Creation and Updation - Satellite or Aerial
  • 3D Terrain/Surface Modeling
  • LiDAR Data Processing and Classification
  • Orthophoto Creation
  • Remote sensing - Multi-spectral, and Hyper-spectral


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