Engineering Design Services

Detailed Design (Shop and AsBuilt) drawings have become an integral part of every building construction project. Detailed Design drawings provide extremely important information about measures and specifications of pre-fabricated components to contractors, real estate developers, helping them get maximum benefits in their business. It can predict how the building structure is going to perform at the early phase of design. With information provided by shop drawings, architects and builders adopt the best construction technique in order to get best possible outputs. To avoid future design conflict and drastic changes, architects and engineers review shop drawings and that the contractors, manufactures and suppliers have understood the design intent in the same sense.

Benefits of AlRiham Shop Drawing Services

AlRiham, an expert in providing CAD drafting and designing prepares precise and error-free Detailed Design drawings. We believe in working in tandem with the client from day one and enable them to meet their expectations. The advantages of engaging AlRiham for Detailed Design services are:

  • Time Bound Delivery: We deliver your required drawings within short period of time.
  • Usage of Cutting-edge Technology: All drawings are produced using latest software and technology.
  • Standard Output: We provide unmatched quality and will match and even exceed your in house drawing standards. We go beyond the professional standard of care and quality
  • Vast field of Experience: Experienced with working with numerous clients of the AEC industry

AlRiham multi disciplined team and innovative approach means that they will undertake a thorough study of your business need and deliver a detailed and well designed engineering solution. Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of engineering design and are experts in carrying detailed design engineering tasks.

AlRiham Engineering Design Team is tailored depending on each individual project scope and can provide a full or complementary service depending on your needs. Our Project Manager/ Lead Engineer will liaise with the required engineering disciplines and drive the progression of the design through to final completion.

AlRiham’s detailed design service is available as part of their wider Project Management Service or as a standalone piece of work. Our CAD drawings are created with the purpose of streamlining the production and review process. To test us on the above just scan and send a set of your architectural/MEP drawings to us. You are assured of receiving a set of professionally drafted drawings


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