ACG was established in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. ACG’s corporate commitment is a vision of developing “Continuous “Improvement” of their products, services and processes. ACG emphasize employee involvement and teamwork, work to measure effectiveness and systematize processes, reduce variations, defects and cycle times. At the same time creating an atmosphere of people care, dignity, positivity, inspiration and fun. Today ACG also has operating offices in Las Vegas, London and Poland.

ACG goals are to be an effective and efficient organization so that they can focus on their customers. ACG work hard with a desired outcome of “Making it Easy” for thier valued customers.

Their success in Europe has led them to expand their horizons into Africa, Asia and Australasia. They are constantly evolving and expanding their offerings. ACG SUPPLY parts, REPAIR modules, and REFURBISH complete machines. ACG CONSULT and DEVELOP new products and ENHANCE existing technologies.


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